We are excited to present new to Australian shores Sasga Yachts. Sydney Marine Brokerage is the exclusive distributor, and we are keen to showcase the range of 34 feet to 80 feet vessels, and share the Sasga story with you. 

A remarkable feature of a modern day Sasga Yacht is her semi-displacement hull. Being resin infused, it is strong, lightweight, and has a perfect fiberglass to resin ratio, resulting in maximum strength and efficiency. This design has enhanced the performance, reduced fuel consumption and provided a cruising speed between 12 and 18 knots.

One of the finer features of the Sasga Yachts is the customization. This allows the client to choose among different configurations of interiors. Selection of woods, upholstery and other materials showcase the essence of the Sasga Yachts tradition and quality offering.

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These powerboats are manufactured to the highest standards – offer superb stability, comfort & efficiency, and customization. Each vessel is hand built according to the customer’s requirements. 

Speak to the team here at Sydney Marine Brokerage to find out more about these luxury Powerboats.

We’ll be sharing more about the Sasga Yachts Range soon.