…CL Yachts’ innovative CLX96

The team at Yacht Style caught up with Martin Lo, Director at CL Yachts where he reveals the design inspiration behind the brand’s newly launched flagship, CLX96, designed by Jozeph Forakis. Interview: John Higginson.

“Martin, you showed Yacht Style the CLX96 model during a visit to the shipyard in 2019. Having started working on the project long before that, how did it feel to finally see the brand’s new flagship in the water at the end of 2021?

It was a special moment. It was like giving birth to a baby – after a long gestation period. I’ve been supervising the construction of this boat, from start to finish. When we moved the boat into the paint shop and they started applying the topcoats, I was thinking, ‘this is going to be nice’, especially as the interior built up and I started looking at all the details.

When I walk through the boat and into the various rooms, it feels exactly as I imagined after seeing all the designs, even the windows and the amount of light coming in. Although the boat may look simple, there are a lot of new things happening in there.”

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